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1978 Boogie Woogie '78 DFC3
Buick 48, Deptford Broadway Boogie; Boogie Woogie Country Girl; Messed Around; Should've Known Better

1981 Bumble Boogie AMS 8111
That Don't Matter To Me

1981 Pineapple Chunk AMS 8205
Much More Hope Than Me

1983 Crazy Over You (Done Gone) PFP 1020
Down In The Dumps

1984 Black Beauty IRS 108
Steam Hammer Woman

1990 Holy Cow (7") EIRS 141 (12") EIRST 141 (CD) EIRSCD 141
Biggy Wiggy; Thursday (Bonus on 12" & CD)

1990 The Maiden's Lament (7") EIRS 145 (CD) EIRSCD 145 (Pic Disc) EIRSPD 145
Honey Dripper; The Maiden's Lament (Edit) (CD only); Picture disc in shape of piano

1991 Together Again with Sam Brown (7") EIRS 170 (CD) EIRSCD 170
Honey Dripper (Live); Bonus on CD: No-one's to Blame; The Maiden's Lament

1996 Count To Ten (CASS) TOGA 011C (CD) TOGA 011CD (Ltd. CD) TOGA 011CDX
Take Good Care; Rotten Row Boogie (Live); Lighten Up (Limited Edition CD Only)

1996 Waiting Game with Eddi Reader (CD) TOGA 013CD
Everybody's Breaking Up; Shoot, Shoot; Etude No. 53

1997 I'm In A Dancing Mood (CASS) COLA 024MC (CD) COLA 024CD
Take Another Bet; Dr. Jazz Demo Version (CD Only)

1998 I'm Gone / Beatroute (CASS) COLA 064MC (CD) COLA 064CD
Beatroute (Wig Mix); Beatroute (Glamour Mix)

2001 I'm In The Mood For Love with Jamiroquai (CD) WSMS001CD
T Bag Scuffle; Wait For Me

2002 Oranges And Lemons Again with Suggs / Valentine Moon with Sam Brown (CD) WSMS002CD
I'm In A Dancing Mood; I'm In A Dancing Mood (Video)

2003 What Goes Around with Dionne Warwick / Rock Me with The Blind Boys of Alabama (CD) WSMS003CD
Brick Lane

2004 Enjoy Yourself with Prince Buster (CD) RAD008CD

2004 It'll Be Me with Tom Jones (CD) RAD010CD
Life's Too Short (To Be With You); Please Send Me Someone To Love


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1981 GEMM Jools Holland And His Millionaires AMLH 68534

1984 GEMM Jools Holland Meets Rock 'A' Boogie Billy (US release) SP 70509

1990 HMV amazon GEMM World Of His Own EIRSA 1018 EIRS CD 1082

1991 HMV amazon GEMM The Full Complement EIRSA 1052 EIRS CD 1083

1992 HMV amazon GEMM The A-Z Geographers' Guide To The Piano ALTGO 1

1994 amazon GEMM Solo Piano BT 1

1994 HMV amazon GEMM Live Performance BT 2

1995 Jools Holland - (The History Of) Jazz Piano Series

amazon Boogie Woogie Piano TMPCD 022 TMPMC 022
amazon Ragtime Piano TMPCD 023 TMPMC 023
amazonJazz Piano TMPCD 024 TMPMC 024

1996 HMV amazon GEMM Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll HF 51CD

1997 HMV amazon GEMM Lift The Lid CD3984205252 MC39842052524

1998 HMV amazon GEMM The Best Of CD 63984-25353-2-8 CASS 63984-25353-4-2

1999 HMV amazon GEMM Sunset Over London CD 8573-801-342

2000 HMV amazon GEMM Hop The Wag CD 8573-859-492

2001 HMV amazon GEMM The Swing Album (US release) VE 15141

2001 HMV amazon GEMM Small World Big Band 0927426562

2002 amazon GEMM Jools Holland's Big Band Rhythm & Blues (US release) RHI 78264

2002 HMV amazon GEMM More Friends (Small World Big Band Volume Two) 0927494195

2003 amazon GEMM More Friends (US Release) RHI 73884

2003 HMV amazon GEMM Jack O The Green (Small World Big Band Friends 3) RADAR001CD

2004 amazon GEMM Friends 3 (US Release) RHI 76559

2004 HMV amazon GEMM Tom Jones & Jools Holland RADAR004CD

2005 HMV amazon GEMM Beatroute (Warner Platinum Collection) 5101104282

2005 HMV amazon GEMM Swinging the Blues, Dancing the Ska RADAR006CD


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