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The A-Z Geographers' Guide to the Piano

  1. Brick Lane E1
  2. Newgates Knocker EC1
  3. Temple Bar EC1
  4. Canary Wharf E14
  5. Birdcage Walk (doing the) SW1
  6. Seven Dials WC2
  7. Rotten Row Boogie NW3
  8. Wapping Steps E2
  9. St. Martin in the Fields W1
  10. St. Andrews by the Wardrobe EC1
  11. Between the Dilly and Blue Gate Fields (City) EC1
  12. High Street (Ken) W11
  13. Speaker's Corner W1
  14. Soho W1
  15. Tranquil Passage (Wapping Steps Reprise) SE3

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