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Collecting Records and CDs

or How to build up your Jools Holland collection...

Current Releases

Small World Big Band, The Swing Album, Hop The Wag, Sunset Over London, The Best Of, Lift The Lid, and Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll are all currently on release and should be available from your local record shop or online stores such as Amazon and HMV.

Out Of Print

Warner are apparently planning to re-release some of the older albums, but until then obtaining any earlier music will take a little more work. One method is to hunt around at record fairs and second hand record shops, but I have had more success from some online sources:

GEMM (the Global Electronic Music Marketplace) is a directory of over 16 million items being sold by thousands of sellers worldwide. As far as I am concerned it has absolutely no rivals as the number one source of rare and out-of-print music.
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These are three more online "music marketplaces" similar to GEMM. The sellers that use them obviously overlap a lot, but it is still worth checking them all out to get a good deal.
eBay UK
eBay UK
The largest online auction house. There are usually several Jools items to bid for and often some interesting rarities. I have had some very good deals from here. Search for Jools
Why search each auction site seperately when you can do them all in one go? AuctionLotWatch is the place to do that, for UK auctions at least. You can use the box below for a search.
A good record store with generally low prices plus a search page for second hand, rarities and promos.
A large selection of promos and collectables. Prices tend to be on the high side.
A great second hand store; last time I checked they had most Jools albums in stock.
Vinyl Tap Records
Vinyl Tap
Another good selection of promos and collectables. Very clear and easy to use site.
Action Records UK
Action Records
A largish used record dealer. I have seen many Jools items here and their prices are very competative.
This site has recently undergone a huge makeover and the new version seems to be a vast improvement. Several Jools oldies at quite low prices last time I looked.

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