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My Jools Holland Collection


Boogie Woogie '78 (1978) 7" DFC3

Bumble Boogie (1981) 7" AMS 8111

Pineapple Chunk (1981) 7" AMS 8205

Crazy Over You (Done Gone) (1983) 7" PFP 1020

Black Beauty (1984) 7" IRS 108

Holy Cow (1990) CD EIRSCD 141

The Maiden's Lament (1990) CD EIRSCD 145 & 7" EIRS 145

Together Again with Sam Brown (1991) CD CDEIRS 170

Count To Ten (1996) CD TOGA 011CD

Count To Ten (1996) Limited Edition CD TOGA 011CDX

Waiting Game with Eddi Reader (1996) CD TOGA 013CD

I'm In A Dancing Mood (1997) CD COLA 024CD

I'm Gone / Beatroute (1998) CD COLA 064CD

I'm In The Mood For Love with Jamiroquai (2001) CD WSMS001CD

It'll Be Me with Tom Jones (2004) CD RAD010CD


Jools Holland And His Millionaires (1981) CASS AMLH 68534

Jools Holland Meets Rock 'A' Boogie Billy (1984) LP & CASS SP 70509

World Of His Own (1990) CD EIRSCD 1082

The Full Complement (1991) CD EIRSCD 1083

The A-Z Geographers' Guide To The Piano (1992) CD ALTGOCD 1

Solo Piano (1994) CD BT 1

Live Performance (1994) CD BT 2

Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll (1996) CD HF 51CD

Lift The Lid (1997) CD 3984205252

The Best Of (1998) CD 63984-25353-2-8

Sunset Over London (1999) CD 8573-801-342

Hop The Wag (2000) CD 8573-859-492

The Swing Album (2001) CD VE 15141

Small World Big Band (2001) CD 0927426562

Jools Holland's Big Band Rhythm & Blues (2002) CD RHI 78264

More Friends (2002) CD

Jack O The Green (2003) CD

Tom Jones & Jools Holland (2004) CD

Swinging The Blues, Dancing The Ska (2005) CD


Bumble Boogie (Edit) Promo 7" IR-9906
Stereo and mono versions

The Maiden's Lament Piano shaped picture disc EIRSPD 145
B-side: Honey Dripper (picture)

World Of His Own Japanese version VICP-55

Lift The Lid Japanese release with bonus tracks AMCE-2509
Bonus tracks: Etude No. 53; Take Another Bet

The Best Of Album Sampler 4 Track Sampler CD SAM00024
I'm Gone; Beatroute; Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free; Dr Jazz

Sunset Over London Promo CD

Grey To Blue 3 Track Promo CD-R SAM00227
Grey To Blue; Dangerman; As The Sun Sets Over London

Bloodsucker Blues EP 4 Track Promo CD SAM00442
Bloodsucker Blues (Edit); The Way You Look Tonight; June Rose Lane; T Bag Scuffle

I'm In The Mood For Love with Jamiroquai 1 Track DJ CD-R

Oranges And Lemons Again with Suggs 3 Track Promo CD
Oranges And Lemons Again; Valentine Moon; I'm In A Dancing Mood

Music Videos

I'm In A Dancing Mood Betacam format GB-B75-97-0019-0

T Bag Scuffle VHS (Live at Glastonbury)

I'm In The Mood For Love VHS

Guest Appearances

D Mob introducing Cathy Dennis - C'mon And Get My Love FXR 117

Eddi Reader - Mirmama 74321 15865 2

Right Said Fred - Stick It Out (Comic Relief 1993) COMIC 1

Ruby Turner - Guilty (1996) IGOXCD 502

Dr John - Trippin' Live (1997) EAGCD003

BB King - Deuces Wild (1997) MCD11722

Paul Weller - Heavy Soul (1997) cid 8058

Dr John - Anutha Zone (1998) 7243 495490 2 9

Leo Green - Straight Up (1999) naimcd033

Christopher Holland - Cosmic Harmony Companion (2000) BT003CD

Sam Brown - Reload (2000) Pre-release promo copy

Various Artists with The Blockheads - Brand New Boots And Panties (2001) NEWBOOTS 2CD

Stereophonics - Handbags and Gladrags (2001) Promo CD VVR5017753P
Single version and radio edit

Stereophonics - Handbags and Gladrags (2001) VVR5017753
Handbags and Gladrags; First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; How

Stereophonics - Just Enough Education To Perform (2001) VVR1018292


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