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Swinging The Blues

Swinging The Blues, Dancing The Ska

  1. Mr Robert's Roost
  2. Juice Head Blues with Sam Brown
  3. Feeling Fine
  4. You Don't Love Me
  5. Seven Acts Of Mercy with Sam Brown
  6. Roll This Soul Tonight with Solomon Burke
  7. Dancing Mood
  8. Casbah Blues
  9. Double O Boogie
  10. Just One More Time
  11. My Country Man with Ruby Turner
  12. Everybody Needs Somebody with Solomon Burke
  13. Riffin' With The Griffin
  14. After Hours
  15. Sent For You Yesterday
  16. Blowin' In The Wind with Ruby Turner
  17. Be My Guest
  18. Where In The World with Beverley Knight
  19. Sixth Avenue Express
  20. Something's Going On with Sam Brown
  21. We Shed A Tear

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