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The A-Z Tour

Your A-Z guide to the places in London that inspired the tracks on The A-Z Geographers' Guide To The Piano

The Locations

  1. Brick Lane
  2. Newgates Knocker
  3. Temple Bar
  4. Canary Wharf
  5. Birdcage Walk
  6. Seven Dials
  7. Rotten Row
  8. Wapping Steps
  9. St. Martins in the Fields
  10. St. Andrews by the Wardrobe
  11. Between the Dilly and Blue Gate Fields (City)
  12. High Street (Ken)
  13. Speaker's Corner
  14. Soho
  15. Tranquil Passage


If you want to follow the A-Z tour, you will need the following equipment:

London A-Z London A-Z (buy it from amazon)
Jools Holland A-Z The A-Z Geographers' Guide To The Piano (find it through GEMM)
Walkman Walkman


All 15 locations marked on one map:

A-Z map

The Joolie A-Z Tour: 25 November 2001

The Joolie tour was a great success (even though we didn't make it to all the planned stops) and Jools has asked to see the photos! You can view the original itinerary plan here, I may get round to adding some more details sometime. Andrew took a selection of photos and even a few short movies over the course of the weekend. You can see them all here.


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