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3. Temple Bar

Temple Bar in 1870 Temple Bar was a gateway to the City of London. The original gateway was erected in the 1100s. The bar was destroyed in the great fire of London, and so in 1678 a stone gateway was built to replace it. The bar was used to display the heads of traitors on iron spikes.

In 1878, the bar was moved to Theobald's park in Hertfordshire where it still stands today. Temple Bar Memorial now stands on the original site at the junction of the Strand and Fleet Street.

Temple Bar today Temple Bar Memorial

Nearest Stations:

Temple Bar Memorial:
  • Temple (closed Sundays)
  • Holborn
  • Blackfriars
Temple Bar, Theobalds Park:
  • Theobalds Grove (leave London from Seven Sisters)
  • Cheshunt (leave London from Tottenham Hale)



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